Cave Aged


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The deep, nutty component of most long aged cheese arrives at about the 8th month in the cave.

We selected the oldest ones in our cave for a memorable explosion of flavor. Even though these cheeses can rule alone, we added a few condiments, so people can have fun and enhance the strong flavors this gift pack delivers:

VALLEY THUNDER- Cloth bound Jersey cow Cheddar.  Few wheels make it 16-18 months, and we save those.   This will be a bit crumbly, powerful, somewhat flowery and earthy palate that almost stings with its sharpness.

SOMERSET- Made in large 45-pound wheels and aged for 18 months. This alpine style brings all the nuttiness you would expect from a cave aged mountain style cheese.

GOTOGETAGOAT- Since we sell the young version of this at 3 months, we hid a few of these Goat Gouda wheels so they can age to 10 months and waited till the caramel tones broke out.  They did!  It was worth it, and we wish we hid more.

HUNTERDON- At 18 months, this Valley Shepherd creation is a cross between a super aged provolone and a crusty Reggiano.  WE think of this one as an old salty sailor that wants a brew.  Break one out and share.

To round out the list of 1/2 Lb chunks of these old souls, we add :
Artisan jam as a pairing condiment
Fig cake as a side snack
Artisan choc bar for a finale of this snackfest.

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OUR BASKET PHILOSOPHY:   We are not a fulfillment center for a slick online gift site.   We are a dairy farm.  We 'shop' for your items in our store and put REAL stuff in our gift boxes.  We do not stuff them with 'fluff' like big bags of $2 dry pasta, low grade flavored cheeses, plastic vac pac co-packed items or unknown weight of cheese.  So whether you are sending this as a gift or to yourself or to someone else, you will be getting a bunch of hi-end gourmet products right off the shelves of our farm store.

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