Price: $22.00
1 Lb
2 Lbs with a 5% discount (+90%)
3 Lbs with a 10% discount (+170%)
4 Lbs with a 15% discount (+240%)
5 Lbs with a 20% discount (+300%)


A mix of pure, raw Jersey and Guernsey milk starts the process of making our Carameaway.
To a creamy Gouda style cheese we add Caraway seed before we mold into a 10 lb. round.
Something about this cheese, when placed between two slices of bread with a slice of tomatoe, that makes a complete sandwich.  Something we can'd say about to many other cheeses.

There’s also something about the Caraway flavor that pairs well with micro brews and we like the variety it brings to our cheese plates, as well as to the many chefs that like to cook with it.
We release it after 3 months, and like it on the young side, which is good because it doesn’t last long around here.

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