Melter Skelter


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1 Lb
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4 Lbs with a 15% discount (+240%)
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Raclette is a traditional Swiss dish and the name of the cheese used to create it. The dish involves scraping melted cheese in front of a fire on boiled potatoes, pickles and other likely soup veggies. The popularity of the dish has just about made it the national Swiss food (NOT Swiss cheese). The cheese is made in flat 10 Lb wheels which are then washed in the cave until the rind remains sticky and lightly smelly. It is ready at about 3 months. Turns out that beside melting quickly, it’s a wonderful creamy complement to sandwiches, snacks and even cheese plates. To enjoy it in the traditional way, pick up a set of Raclette utensils set sold here with which you can melt slices of the cheese at the dinner table or even at a picnic over boiled vegetables, potatoes and ham slices.

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