Oldwick Shepherd


Price: $26.00
1 Lb
2 Lbs with a 5% discount (+90%)
3 Lbs with a 10% discount (+170%)
4 Lbs with a 15% discount (+240%)
5 Lbs with a 20% discount (+300%)


The cheese that started it all…we began producing this cheese at our farm at home back in the late 90’s…and we knew we were on to something! Using the pure, raw milk from our East Friesian sheep, we begin the process of creating this classic Pecorino style gem. Molded into a 5lb. dome and aged in our Cave, we release the wheels after 4+ months, producing a semi-firm texture and a pate that is both rustic and refined. Nutty, full-bodied, and undeniably sheep! Some cheeses go well on bread, with chutney, or washed down with a fine Ale. Our Oldwick Shepherd needs none of the above. Just savor it on its own.

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