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As the name implies, this is a pearl of a cheese. Prized, rare, and lovely in all settings. We enjoy a good Mimolette now and again. But we feel they can be a bit dry and unpredictable at times (sorry, France). When you cut into this 4 lb. round, you’re instantly charmed and intrigued by its cantaloupe-y flesh, and its long-aged interior rind. This is what happens after almost two years in the Cave. We aim to find some creaminess in the crunchiness, but mostly, to reach for those sweet, salty caramel notes that tend to lure you into thinking that we’ve really ticked off the French. Currently used by some of our favorite James Beard award chefs, it’s mostly showcased for its premium presentation on cheese plates, and even as an elegant accoutrement to those “museum quality” desserts.

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