Valley Thunder


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Valley Thunder
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Like an oiled Barbour coat or an Aston Martin, the Brits turn out some damn good stuff that stands the test of time. None the least of which are their Clothbound Cheddars. We knew there was no reason to reinvent the wheel here. So we just decided to stick with tradition and make our own. In homage to the best of those classy British Cheddar makers, we take raw Jersey & Guernsey cow milk (sometime we add some sheep) and follow the old day long chedarring process that ends in cloth-lined 25 lb. drums. We press it, firm up the cloth, and attach our copper tag to it to make sure we know when to test it. Then we let the Cave Gods work their magic for about a year. We look for a medium to bold sharpness, a rustic creaminess, and an overall sense of history that we’ve learned to look for over the years. When you’re adhering to a centuries-old tradition, you tend to aim high!

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