Price: $22.00
1 Lb
2 Lbs with a 5% discount (+90%)
3 Lbs with a 10% discount (+170%)
4 Lbs with a 15% discount (+240%)
5 Lbs with a 20% discount (+300%)


5 Lb bricks of handmade semi hard cheese using pure goats milk and aged in our cheese cave for 60-90 days.

Our own creation has become a run away success with a surprising creamy texture and flowery aroma.

Not one to miss.

SShipping - select CUT CHEESE rate for any amount of cut cheese and specialty foods.
$0-$49 is $18, $50-$99 is $24, $100 and up is FREE.
 NOT FOR ANY GIFT BOX.  see our shipping policy.

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